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Sometimes an expert opinion is all you need to help make that critical decision in an environment that is a key element in your operation.With all the various options that are available to a warehouse or production operator, understanding the options is key to your success. We can help!

  • Shelf Rack, Inc., offers our services as consultants to assist in:
  • Developing a plan to tackle designs for best use, layout, space utilization
  • Relocation planning and implementation
  • Production throughput optimization
  • Inventory control planning

We have staff members with more than twenty years in senior operations positions that can assist you in developing the right plan for your production or warehouse improvements. We can assist you to develop the right moves, plans and metrics to compare with your original goals.

shelf rack consulting

We provide our expertise for a reasonable fee, under different billing plans. In some instances, we provide on demand consultation, whereby we would offer suggestions and recommendations and you would choose the vendor or vendors of your choice to provide the equipment recommended. In other cases, we may provide a complete project-based consultation that includes weekly performance audits.

If equipment or CAP-EX improvements are part of our suggestions, Shelf Rack, Inc., is also able to help source qualified vendors. For equipment that is purchased from Shelf Rack, Inc., a portion of our consulting fee would be credited toward the equipment purchased. We have worked on hundreds of warehouses, so let us put this knowledge to work for you!

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